Samsung Internet Privacy Agreement

Please note that by watching a video or access to apps or content provided by third parties, this provider can provide information about your Smart TV (for example. B ip address and identifiers), the transaction requested (e.g.B. Your request to purchase or loan the video) and your use of the app or service collects or receives. Samsung is not responsible for the privacy or security practices of these suppliers. You should exercise caution and check the privacy policies that apply to the websites and third-party services you use. Services can connect to other sites, devices, apps and other features that work independently of us and may have their own privacy policies or policies. We strongly advise you to check them out. To the extent that a linked website, device, application or other function is not our property or is not controlled by us, we are not responsible for their content, use or privacy practices. The addition of this window appears to be related to a new set of privacy rules adopted by the State of California: the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA), which came into effect earlier this year, the same day Samsung`s privacy policy was updated. It is not clear whether the same Samsung Pay « Do Do Not Sell » option is made available to Galaxy device owners outside the United States, but what is clear is that Samsung did not seem to make this option available to anyone – or even to make it clear that it was apparently selling payment-related data to third parties – before this point.

Samsung Electronics America, Inc. and its parent company, subsidiaries and affiliates (together « Samsung, » « we, » « us » or « our ») respect your privacy concerns. This data protection statement applies to the personal data we collect via the Samsung Internet browser (« Samsung Internet »). It does not apply to information collected by other services, applications or websites of Samsung or its associated companies. Note that your data protection decision may affect the availability or quality of specific information-based service. Samsung`s Smart TV service offers a range of features that offer enhanced video content, custom TV experiences, movies, social media connections and the ability to control and interact with your Smart TV with voice commands. We collect, use, share and store information about your Smart TV and devices connected to your Smart TV in the way samsung`s privacy policy describes it. This supplement contains additional details about the privacy practices of some smart TV features. Our Samsung Ads service is designed to deliver ads that are tailored to the interests of users on Samsung and third-party devices, websites and apps.