Sisense End User License Agreement

Emily no, Sisense`s Customer Advocacy Lead makes a difference when it comes to giving users what they want. Emily and Sisense`s product team, who were chosen as favorite users based on 929 reviews, have released another great version of the software that we consider the best class for state-of-the-art augmented analytics, as well as data visualization, reporting, data viewing, and connectivity. Sisense offers two categories of license agreements: an end user license agreement that provides a license only for internal business purposes and an OEM license agreement that provides the customer with a license to bundle the Sisense software with the customer`s products and license the bundled product to its end customers. The current forms for these two licenses for different geographic regions can be viewed as shown below. If you have a question about the terms applicable to your purchase, please contact your Account Executive or contact us at [email protected]. Average customer ratings and user mood summary for Sisense: Users appreciate how Sisense creates large data sets from ever-changing data sources, which can be seamlessly optimized into achievable data and easily presented as charts, bar charts, and pie charts, scattergrams, line diagrams, interactive maps, and many other types of visualization. When it comes to customer support, users praise their quick and informative responses – from implementation to handling the following queries – as quality customer service, well packaged with pricing plans. Sisense is a business analytics software company with subsidiaries in New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, London, Melbourne, Tokyo and Scottsdale, Arizona. The headquarters are located in New York. The business intelligence product includes both a back-end with on-the-chip technology that allows non-technical users to connect and analyze large data sets from multiple sources[2] and a pre-end to create visualizations such as dashboards and reports on every device, including mobile devices. [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] In May 2013, Sisense Prism introduced 10X that allows the user to analyze 100 times more data at 10 times the speed of in-memory solutions.

The more queries are cataloged, the faster the software can detect similar future queries and retrieve relevant data. [28] Sisense has an « excellent » user satisfaction rating of 90%, taking into account 929 user reviews from 5 recognized software review sites. Users mention that implementing this solution, while simple for basic installation, can be very demanding in terms of scripting and configuration, especially for advanced analytics….