Sponsorship Agreement Football Club

Sports sponsorship is a big deal: it gives the individual the funding they need to participate in their sport and offers the sponsorship company many varied ways to get their product name seen by potential customers. The bigger the sports name, the greater the financial reward for both parties. Sports sponsorship contracts should be formalised in writing. A written agreement refining all agreed terms protects the interests of the sponsor and the other party, ensures security and minimizes the risk of litigation. Each sponsorship contract should contain: sponsorship of individual sports teams: the name of a company sponsor usually appears on the front of the team`s t-shirt. This will be the main sponsorship contract for a given sports team, but there will also be subsidiary sponsorship contracts. For example, billboards on the side of the field typically promote the names of companies that have sponsorship agreements with each team. For example, in a sponsorship agreement for a single player or athlete, the sponsor may terminate the contract if the sponsored person`s behavior may damage the sponsor`s reputation. This is especially important when a sports personality can be involved in a scandal outside the sports arena, which could ruin the family image of the brand they sponsor.

A written agreement setting out the standards expected of individuals and the consequences of an infringement means that the sponsor can act quickly if necessary. A sponsorship agreement is a contract that governs the legal relationship between the sponsor and the sponsored individual, team or organizer. The subsidized person or organization is entitled to the benefits of the sponsorship contract, but must also comply with the terms of the contract. By signing our sponsorship agreement, you agree to the following terms. Many problems can arise after sports sponsorship agreements, including ambush marketing and conflicts between sponsors. For example, a sporting goods company may sponsor a particular team, while a competing sporting goods company may have individual sponsorship agreements with the team`s players. In these situations, there may be conflicts, for example, about whether a goalkeeper`s gloves and headgear are craft tools and what company logo they should wear. Event Sponsorship: A corporate sponsor can sponsor a particular event. For example, smartphone maker Vivo is the official sponsor of FIFA`s smartphones under a sponsorship deal that includes the 2018 and 2022 FIFA World Cup as well as the FIFA Confederations Cup. Sponsorship of management bodies: Some companies sponsor a sports federation, for example Adidas is the sponsor of FIFA. This means that all FIFA garments are made by Adidas and the logo appears on promotional material. This, however, has been the subject of much criticism from a German consumer organisation.