Surat Agreement Sewa Kedai

Shop rental, restaurant rental agreement, store lease, grocery store lease, office shop rental agreement, shop rental contract, store rental agreement, for example. B shop lease, shop rental, shop lease example 📝This is you who negotiate in a store rental agreement and want to draw a letter of agreement between these tenants, you can get a complete set of examples of simple and compact store rental letters obtained. You can shop online and download them to the recommendation disc. 🏚The rental agreement for this shop should be ready, which will allow you to apply for a commercial loan and apply for a commercial license. As a rule, the rental agreement for this shop is established for a period of 2 years. 4. Both parties agree that (a) the Tenant is not entitled to deduct any rent from the Clutches (CANGKERAM PERIOD) for that month or any part thereof without the permission of the Host. explains, the repository is used to explain everything. 3.2 Down payment plus:3.2.1 Water supply RM 500.00 3.2.2 Power supply RM 1000.00 The amount of the advance to be paid by the distribution company is RM 1500.00 ADDITIONAL CONDITIONS AS BELOW. 1. The rents of the shop must be paid by the second party to the First Part every month preceding the 7th day of the 7th day without invitation.

If you do not pay the payment by the above date, First Party imposes a fine for a delay of RM28.00 per day. 2. Payment of the water bill (Selangor Water Supply Department, SYABAS) and electricity (Tenaga Nasional Berhad) are taken care of by The Second Party. Bills must be paid immediately to prevent water supply and electricity from being interrupted. The first Contracting Party shall be entitled to check invoices where necessary. 3. The second party can only occupy the store with family members or employees and cannot rent part of the store to another party. 4. When the shop is delivered to the second party, it is in good condition and, in case of damage, it is caused by the second party….